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M.E.L.T. with a Wall ... of Food!


The list of populations in need of compassion and support is growing: U.S. government employees are now among them. Thanks to the inability to find common ground that allows the Government Shutdown to end, 800,000 workers have been out of work for over a month and will possibly be missing their second paycheck. Many employees of the government live paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to meet their basic needs. They have been unable to pay their housing and transportation bills, buy necessary medications, or adequately feed their families.


Many of my social justice friends have been asking what they can do to help during this political standoff. The obvious answer is to call our senators and congress people and tell them we want the government re-opened NOW. The other very simple thing we can all do is donate to our local food shelves that are experiencing increased demand as a result of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.


I would like to see all of my socially-conscious peers help construct a wall of food donations that surpasses the size of President Trump’s desired border wall. Let’s help Make Every Life Thrive by feeding the Americans who help our country function for all of us.


Here’s a list of websites for food shelves in southern Minnesota where you can make a donation:




Community Action Center


Echo Food Shelf


Channel One Food Shelf



The Peace Center



Lonsdale Area Food Shelf



The Open Door



Second Harvest Heartland



The Food Group



And don’t forget the pets of our government workers. They need to eat, too.


People and Pets Together

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