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Make Your Life Thrive, Too!



In order to effectively care for others, it's very important to also care for ourselves.


The beginning of MELT's April meeting at Culver's was led by one of our members, who is a massage therapist. He instructed the group on relaxation, creative movement, and massage techniques that can be done individually with a tennis ball.


Members then proceeded to discuss MELT Moments of carrying out intentional acts of peace in our communities during the previous month. We were motivated by various messages on cards that we carried with us encouraging us to: Initiate a respectful conversation with someone who has different political views. Give something to a homeless person. Say something kind to a Trump supporter. Say something kind to a Hillary supporter. Compliment a stranger. Say hello to someone who appears to be different than you. Pay for a stranger’s meal. Smile at every person you see for an entire day... Many of us realized that, in our efforts to reach out to others, we learned a lot about ourselves - and even experienced other people taking the opportunity to be kind to us.


Meeting time was also devoted to exploring community service ideas and discussing how MELT could most effectively use its members' willingness to improve the lives of others. It is a discussion that will be continued at our next meeting. In the meantime, we are making a point of taking care of ourselves - with tennis balls!




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