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Little Bits of Peace


Part of this month's MELT meeting at Culver's in Northfield focused on participating in intentional acts of peace in our community. Members also spent time coming up with ideas for meeting MELT's goals of: generating messages about the personal experience of a wide variety of people; promoting mutual respect among community members; finding and creating opportunities for peaceful interaction. This was done in conjunction with addressing some of the top social issues of concern that MELT members have.


Impressive ideas have been emerging from this creative and dedicated group. While we're working toward pursuing the grander vision of making lives thrive, MELT's members are committed to also taking smaller immediate steps toward improving society. This is being done by carrying out intentional acts of peace on a regular basis. We hope to accomplish this in a variety of ways, ranging from something as simple as smiling at every person we see, to the more challenging act of initiating a respectful conversation with someone whose political views are different than our own. To hold ourselves accountable to promoting peace and to inspire others to participate, we will be blogging about our experiences and sharing them in person at our next meeting.


Even if you aren't an official MELT member, you can join our effort to make society feel a little safer, a little friendlier for someone. As Desmond Tutu has said, "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."

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