MELT away hate.

MELT away misogyny. MELT away racism. MELT away xenophobia. 

MELT away bigotry. MELT away discrimination.

MELT away fear.



Make this a place for everyone to safely co-exist.

Welcome to the new American melting pot!


M.E.L.T. with a Wall … of Food


The list of populations in need of compassion and support is growing: U.S. government employees are now among them. Thanks to the inability to find common ground that allows the Government Shutdown to end, 800,000 workers have been out of work for over a month and will possibly be missing their second paycheck. Many employees of the government live paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to meet their basic needs. They have been unable to pay their housing and transportation bills, buy necessary medications, or adequately feed their families.

Many of my social justice friends have been asking what they can do to help during this political standoff. The obvious answer is to call our senators and congress people and tell them we want the government re-opened NOW. The other very simple thing we can all do is donate to our local food shelves that are experiencing increased demand as a result of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

I would like to see all of my socially-conscious peers help construct a wall of food donations that surpasses the size of President Trump’s desired border wall. Let’s help Make Every Life Thrive by feeding the Americans who help our country function for all of us.


Here’s a list of websites for food shelves in southern Minnesota where you can make a donation:



Community Action Center


Echo Food Shelf


Channel One Food Shelf



The Peace Center



Lonsdale Area Food Shelf



The Open Door


Second Harvest Heartland


The Food Group

And don’t forget the pets of our government workers. They need to eat, too.


People and Pets Together


MELT has plans to organize many events that directly impact society, and to show up in support of important social causes as they arise. This website will be updated frequently with upcoming events. If you would like to participate, but are unable to attend, please consider organizing your own event to help stir the melting pot of equality.

Thank you to all who plan to participate in MELT events or contribute in any capacity. We cannot make progress in improving American society without you. Please encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers to participate in promoting equality and anti-discrimination on every level, as well. 

2020 - 04 - 01 Feeding America Book Cove

A pandemic is a good time to read---and help people in need. This month, all profits from When Life Was Still book sales will go to

Please consider supporting your local Indie bookstore:

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MELT is a humanitarian organization founded in Minnesota in 2016. It evolved in reaction to the countrywide increase in aggression toward minorities of all kinds. It is the mission of MELT to answer hateful rhetoric and violent behavior with a narrative and actions that promote well-being, inclusiveness, and equality.

MELT will help make every life thrive in America by acknowledging social issues, inspiring change, and taking creative steps toward making a lasting difference in people's lives.

MELT plans to spread its positive message and promote mutual respect through meetings, marches, PSAs, documentaries, literature, social media, and members' mouths. Together, we will find and create opportunities for peaceful interaction in American society.

To become a MELT member, simply stand up and speak out for humanity at every opportunity.

Peace is a great source of power.



   M.aking E.very L.ife T.hrive in America - one moment at a time.

MELT is a movement of thoughtful moments - like the ones that formed our country. It is our desire to change any destructive social fabric found in America that threatens to smother anyone's rights one thread, one act of kindness, one positive moment at a time. MELT aims to create public awareness about these moments by putting a human face on them and inspiring others to help make this country a safe place for all Americans. 

So, please send us your poems, prose, essays, photography, artwork, and your ideas for Making Every Life Thrive. We would especially like to receive responses to this: What was your experience like as you participated in intentional acts of peace toward the people around you?

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Here are other possible topic suggestions for submission:

- Who you are (anything you want to share about yourself) and how you are affectd by society.

- Who you want to help thrive.

- Why you want to make a difference in an American life.

- Where you want to change/help society.

- When you helped/will help your community and how you think your efforts made/will make a difference.

Send your writing in .docx format and your .jpg images to and we will share the moments through our blog. Together, we can melt away the hate and the fear that exists around us and strive to Make Every Life Thrive in America.


Submit your videos, animations, digital diaries, etc. (2 minutes or less) to

via Google Drive as a .mov, .avi, or .wmv 

for our new YouTube channel. Please include all desired credits in your submission. MELT will attach its video logo to submissions to help spread its message, but you will retain all rights to your work.



If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt to show your desire to help MAKE EVERY LIFE THRIVE in America, visit to view the selection of MELT apparrel.


MELT will not receive any of the proceeds, but you will receive the satisfaction of knowing that when you wear your t-shirt you will

be exposing America to a really good idea.

Wear this MELT t-shirt ordered from, or made by you. Because it is important to spread the message, you have MELT's permission to print: "Mr. President, please don't grab my . . .  dignity!" on apparel and other merchandise, as long as it is accompanied by this website address and you do not profit from it financially.


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